The Only Thing Better Than Taking A Bath: Adorable Animals Taking Baths

Ah, bath time. Let these adorable animals remind you that it's about time you took one.

When was the last time you took a bath? You probably can't even remember. Well, we are here to remind you that baths are awesome, relaxing and sometimes kind of stressful.

And in case you need some major cleansing inspiration or a reminder, look no further than these adorable animals demonstrating how to best take advantage of bath time. So sit back, run the water, and start taking baths as seriously as these awesome critters do.

So you're contemplating taking a bath...

Yes, it does feel a little unfamiliar.

And tubs can feel mighty cramped if you're not, y'know, the size of a toddler.

But then you remember: BUBBLES!

Which are awesome...


... even if you accidentally eat some.

You forgot how much you love bath toys.

And, er, bath mates.

Hey, it's nice to have someone to wash your back.


And those other hard to reach spots.

There's no denying it. Baths make you feel so fresh.

And so clean.


You're so relaxed you may fall asleep...

Then you realize you may have stayed in the bath for too long. The water's cold.

You've gotten all pruny.

Wait, you forgot to actually wash yourself.

And yet you don't... want... to... leave.

Because baths, you've been reminded, are the best.

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