These Animals Chasing Laser Pointers Will Make You Feel Soooo Smart

Cats, we know, love the thrill of a hunt -- even if it's in pursuit of a two-dimensional speck. But, did you know that controlling a laser pointer can make you master of the entire animal kingdom, too?

Yes, as it turns out, a great many creatures are subject to the alluring powers of the little red dot. We're not entirely sure why -- maybe the dot's movement indicates life, or its brightness suggests an extra tasty snack -- like a weird bug, maybe. Either way, here's proof it's not just a feline thing after all.

Oh, look, something shiny! Just kidding, it's a laser pointer.

Maybe it's a cricket. Except it's not. It's a laser pointer.

What a strange flying fish! No, penguins, it's a laser pointer.

Watch Casper the Cockatoo capture the dot! Just kidding! You can't catch a laser pointer.

This baby and dog think teamwork is the answer. Guess again -- it's still just a laser pointer.

What's that? A nice bit of chicken food? Nope, it's a laser pointer.

Not even big cats can see through this charade. Sorry we're not sorry it's just a laser pointer.

Think that's your dinner, jumping spider? Too bad it's only a laser pointer.

Prepare for disappointment, bird, because that there's a laser pointer.

Ducklings are simpletons. Entertain them for hours with a laser pointer.

We're not sure what this pea-brain thinks it's going to catch, because that's just a laser pointer.

Foxes are quick-witted hunters, but still not smart enough to figure out a laser pointer.

Geese scare way too easily. Chill out, dummies -- it's only a laser pointer!

What a stupid bunch of animals.


Yep, that's a guy chasing a green dot on a deserted street. You may have to squint to observe this stunning display of wit.



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