Animals Covering Their Eyes: The Most Adorable Movie Cliché Ever?

The Most Adorable Movie Cliché Ever?

Is there a movie cliché in the annals of cinema that is more enjoyable than “animal covers eyes”? No, there is not.

The true measure of the trope's success is its versatility. An animal is embarrassed for someone else…covers its eyes. An animal is afraid for its life…covers its eyes. An animal is ashamed…covers its eyes. You get the idea. Also, unlike “befuddled dog cocks head” this cliché is great because it can be applied to a large cross section of beasts, though it is a particular mainstay among dogs and monkeys.

The above video is the result of a crowd sourcing partnership with Filmdrunk, as well as several months of combing through 100-plus family films, with titles ranging from “Karate Dog” to “Cool Dog” to “The Dogfather”. I’m not going to lie, it was pretty painful. But I do it for you, and that knowledge keeps me going. Visit FilmDrunk For a full list movies used in this post.

Watch the video, discuss your favorite clips in the comments below, and feel free to chastise me for any examples I may have left out.

Video edited by Oliver Noble, with special thanks to Filmdrunk, Ben Craw and Lucas Kavner

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