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Animals Having Snow Much Fun at the Cincinnati Zoo

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Many humans and mammals prefer to be inside when temps are close to zero, but some animals at the Cincinnati Zoo & Botanical Garden say BRRRRing it on!

Our ten-month old cheetah cubs enjoyed their first taste of snow, chasing each other around the Cheetah Encounter yard that isn't usually a slippery place to be.

The white stuff was also new to two of the Zoo's red pandas, cubs Harriet and Hazel. Red pandas have a natural love for snow and cold temps, and the young ones explored the frozen world with enthusiasm!

Veteran snow bunnies, aka king penguins, marched happily during the penguin parade this morning. The parade is voluntary, and five of our seven kings, BB, Larry, Martin Luther, Charlemagne and Kyoto, opted to come out today. The other two, Burger and Sloth, stayed inside.