Animals In Movies And TV 2011: The Best Dogs, Cats, Apes & More Of The Year (VIDEO)

Out of all those Golden Globe nominations handed out last week, guess how many nods were given to animals for their work in show business this year?

Zero. That's how many. And it's a national scandal, a shame of the highest order.

It was a great year for our furry, feathered and otherwise non-human friends, with major starring roles and scene-stealing supporting parts featuring some very highly trained stars. From "Parks and Recreation" horse L'il Sebastian (RIP) to Uggie the dog from "The Artist" and the 14 horses than got into the action as Joey in "War Horse," our screens were filled with some of the most dynamic animals in show business.

As a tribute, we've put together some of the best performances from the non-Homo Sapien wing of the Screen Actors' Guild. Vote for your favorite!

2011 Movie Animals