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13 Unexpectedly Awesome Animal Wedding Guests

These days, having pets at a wedding is nothing out of the ordinary. Dogs, cats and even horses -- we've seen it all.

But wild monkeys, deer and sea turtles? Now those are animals that don't typically make the guest list. The ethics of having animals at a wedding can be tricky, but when it's done respectfully or totally by chance, it can be pretty amazing. Below are 13 photos of animals who dropped in to help the newlyweds celebrate the big day.

A herd of deer
Photographed in the couple's backyard in Stockton, New Jersey.
Some wild monkeys
Photographed at a private residence in Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica.
A peacock
Photographed at the Museum of Appalachia in Clinton, Tennessee.
A sea turtle
Photographed on the beachin St. Croix.
A Texas Longhorn
Photographed at Ironstone Ranch in Elizabethtown, Pennsylvania.
A wild white-nosed coati
Photographed at Peace Lodge at La Paz Waterfall Gardens in Costa Rica.
A camel
Photographed at Pettit Creek Farms in Cartersville, Georgia.
A chicken
Photographed at the family's farm in upstate New York.
An owl
Photographed at John James Audubon Center, a bird sanctuary.
A donkey
Photographed at Ironstone Ranch in Elizabethtown, Pennsylvania.
Some sharks
Photographed at the Adventure Aquarium in Camden, New Jersey.
And a few raccoons
Photographed at Greynolds Park in North Miami Beach, Florida.

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