Animated Poem Paints Moving, Playful Portrait Of True Love In Old Age

#RelationshipGoals have never been sweeter.

Being in love at age 85 is something all of us can aspire to, if we haven't been there already. And if the romance is anything as described in the beautiful poem by National Poetry Slam champion IN-Q above, we're in for something deep, adventurous and fun.

"I would touch her withered skin, and comment on how thin it is to keep in something infinite," a line in "Love Is The Only Reason We're Alive" goes. "And she would smile sweet and blush and tell me that I think too much. She's right. I think too much." 

The narrator recalls first setting eyes on his beloved. "That was all it took -- a single look and I was shook. I fell for her like some loose shingles from our Spanish roof. I'll love her till she loses every last root, and has to glue dentures to her gums to chew solid food," IN-Q recites. "Now that's real love, dude."

IN-Q posted the animated video last month but it's getting another look now. Watch this playful couple live and love like "death isn't chasing us." You'll welcome the sweetness and laughter.

The video was produced by ACME Filmworks and Moving Art, and animated by Sarah Van den Boom, Gitanjali Rao and Sangita Khatu.