Anis Shivani: 17 Literary Journals That Might Survive the Internet (PHOTOS)

Literary journals are one of America's most precious institutions. Emerging writers typically make their mark first in the literary journals. Unlike commercial publishers, literary journals tend to push the boundaries of writing, and don't get as carried away by literary fashions. Their long perspective is indispensable in maintaining a necessary balance. We have more of them in this country than probably the rest of the world combined. Some of them have maintained stellar reputations for decades, while new ones, adventurous and refreshing, crop up every day.

How are the literary journals faring amidst the rise of the Internet? Are they suffering from the current cost-cutting mania in higher education? Can this venerable American literary institution survive--or even thrive--despite new technologies?

The respected editors of some of America's most venerable little magazines answered these questions for us.

Literary Journal
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