Anita Tedaldi: Woman Returns Adopted Child After 18-Months (VIDEO)

Anita Tedaldi, a woman who returned her adopted son 18-months into their relationship because she felt they hadn't bonded, appeared on the "Today Show" this morning to explain her decision. This story first came to light when Anita blogged about her situation on "Motherlode"--the New York Times parenting blog. She was accompanied on the "Today Show" by NYT editor Lisa Belkin.

Anita explained in the blog that she had always wanted to adopt despite having five biological daughters.

"I was attentive, and I provided D. with a good home, but I wasn't connecting with him on the visceral level I experienced with my biological daughters. And while it was easy, and reassuring, to talk to all these experts about D.'s issues, it was terrifying to look at my own," she wrote.

After Anita made her decision, the adoption group found "D" a home with another family, and, according to Anita, he is doing well.