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Anja Rubik & Sasha Knezevic Engaged (PHOTOS)

Update: Anja told Frockwriter about the proposal:

We were spending Christmas in Vienna this year because Sasha grew up in Vienna and his family is there and my family was coming over. And just two days before he came over, we went to "Dance of the Vampires," the one that Roman Polanski directed [NB: I originally thought she meant Polanski’s 1967 film, aka "The Fearless Vampire Killers" – on which the musical is based]. It’s an opera. I wanted to see it for such a long time and Sasha organised the tickets, so it was really nice for Christmas. And then we went out and we walked around, it was really foggy the whole night and then he finally proposed, which was funny... It was pretty incredible. In the middle of the street. In the middle of the night. And then we went and had dinner in this restaurant that was on the rooftop of a building. And it was really, really nice. Apparently he was carrying the ring around for a while. And that day we fought all the day long. We were preparing the whole house for Christmas and there were all these things to be done and I had to cook and I had to do this and that and the Christmas decorations… I couldn’t find the ones I liked. So it was totally dramatic the whole day. I thought, ‘I’m going to kill him’. I was like, ‘I think this was my last Christmas ever’ [with him]. And he said ‘I picked this day on purpose, because although we have our fights, we’ve been together and ra ra ra ...’ And he’s right.

Previously: Models Anja Rubik and Sasha Knezevic are engaged, Next Models NYC Tweeted on Tuesday evening. Sasha proposed on Christmas in Vienna. Aww.

Anja is ranked the #3 model on and has posed for everything from Fendi and Chloe to H&M and Jones New York. Sasha has certainly had his fair share of gigs, as well, and used to play professional basketball in Italy. The pair has even worked together -- starring in ad campaigns for Gap and DKNY and editing Austria's 25 magazine.

Check out pictures of Anja and Sasha. We can't wait to see how beautiful their babies are (one day).