Anjelica Huston On Jack Nicholson As A Lover: 'What Is That D-Thing?... Very Big?'

The actress told Andy Cohen on his show on Monday that her former flame was well-endowed "for the moment."

When Anjelica Huston was asked to describe Jack Nicholson as a lover in three words, she got flustered and said: “Very big?”

The actress appeared on “Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen” on Monday to tout her latest film, “John Wick: Chapter 3 - Parabellum.” She played the game “Plead the Fifth,” where Cohen asks the guest three questions and they have to answer at least two.

When Cohen asked the 67-year-old about Nicholson, a former paramour of hers for more than 15 years, he asked for only three words to describe him as a lover and got many more.

“Um. Um, um. Oh, dear. What is that D-thing?” said Huston, looking over to fellow Clubhouse guest RuPaul for help.

“Dick,” RuPaul said.

(This reporter suspects Huston may have been thinking of the phrase “BDE” ― or “big dick energy,” which Nicholson most definitely has ― and just couldn’t remember it.)

At any rate, Huston laughed and said: “Very big?”

“Wow, really!” Cohen said. “He’s well-endowed?”

“Well, for the moment,” Huston said awkwardly.

Later, after the game ended, she told Cohen: “That was really hard. And sort of inaccurate. But we won’t go into it.”

Huston and Nicholson met in 1973 and stayed together until 1990, when the latter announced that he was having a child with actress and model Rebecca Broussard.

Both Huston and Nicholson later recalled that the breakup included a moment where Huston got physically violent. Nicholson laughingly told a reporter that Huston “beat the hell out of me” at one point. According to Huston, Nicholson called her later to say, “Goddamn, Toots, you sure landed some blows on me.”

Huston responded, “You’re welcome, Jack ― you deserved it.”