'Smash's' Anjelica Huston And Kelly Ripa's Special Bracelet Bond (VIDEO)

"Smash" star Anjelica Huston shared a very special story about a bracelet that never leaves her wrist when she stopped by "Live! With Kelly" (weekdays, syndicated on ABC).

The bracelet was a gift from "Live!" host Kelly Ripa, who also has one adorning her wrist, after the two bonded at a party in the Hamptons several years ago.

"It was about two and a half years ago and I was feeling pretty blue," Huston said. "I had lost my husband a few months before and we met at a party and I kind of monopolized you all night. I told you my tale of woe and you did the sweetest thing. The next day, a little box showed up and you sent me this bracelet, which I haven't actually taken off since."

Huston said the bracelet has even been incorporated into her wardrobe for "Smash."

"Somebody gave me this bracelet when I really needed it," Ripa remembered. "And I feel like it works, so I felt like you really needed it."

Huston agreed. "It works!" she said with a smile.

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