Anke Domaske, German Fashion Designer, Claims Credit For Milk Fiber Invention

Fashion Designer Reinvents The Milk Fiber Wheel

German fashion designer Anke Domaske, of Hanover-based Mademoiselle Chi-Chi, has gotten a bunch of good press this week for her newest collection, which features an allegedly innovative fabric made from milk fibers. Blogs have picked up on a report by Deutsche Welle, which praises Domaske's integration of fashion and biology.

Here's the video.

Popular retail blog Racked even called her transformation of milk into silky fabric "mindblowing," and possibly brilliant.

But wait a second: haven't milk fibers been around since the 1930s? Isn't milk-based fabric already integrated into many everyday products? Hasn't the eco-friendliness of milk fabric been called into question?

This is no challenge to the caliber of Domaske's design; the dresses look nice. It's even possible that the new Mademoiselle Chi-Chi is the best-ever use of milk fabric. But calling the entire process innovative seems like a stretch, until we see conclusive evidence that Domaske is doing something truly new.

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