Ann Cairns: Let's Show Women The STEM Fields Are 'Exciting'

Ann Cairns, president of International Markets for Mastercard, said we need show women that the Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (or STEM) fields are exciting.

"I think that what we have to do is, we have to tell them how exciting it is," Cairns, a former engineer, said on HuffPost Live Friday from Davos.

"I think sometime these professions are presented as rather dull and uninteresting but that's not necessarily the case," she added.

Cairns also addressed the lack of women in the finance field, saying there's a "gap" we have to fill.

"Particularly in the banking world we're getting the entry level women, and we're getting some women that rise to running divisions... but we're losing women in the middle," Cairns said. "We've got a gap there, and the question is, why is that happening and what can we do to stop that?"

Below, the latest updates from the 2015 Davos Annual Meeting: