Ann Coulter And Piers Morgan Have Awkward Conversation (VIDEO)

WATCH: Ann Coulter Gets Very Uncomfortable

Ann Coulter is usually not at a loss for words, but CNN's Piers Morgan put her on the back foot during his Wednesday show by asking her about her private life.

"Let's talk about you for a moment," Morgan said. "Engaged three times. You're 50 in December, are you?"

"Don't talk about either engagements, Social Security number, age or anything else," Coulter said.

When Morgan tried again, asking about a rumor about her age, Coulter firmly shot him down.

"I don't answer questions about myself," she said. "...I think like most public figures [I] don't talk about anything that wouldn't involve -- that you would not want the most dangerous stalker to know or have. So I will not be answering private life questions. That's why we call it a private life."

"Why are you skirting around issues about yourself?" Morgan asked. "You're interesting."

"I don't talk about my private life," she repeated. As Morgan continued trying to get her to answer questions, Coulter kept refusing.

"Let's talk about things I write about," she said. "You're going to eat up this whole segment with me not answering questions."


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