Ann Coulter Wants America To Handle Border Crisis The Way Netanyahu Would

Ann Coulter reacted to America's immigration crisis with her usual bombast on Thursday night.

Speaking on Thursday's "Hannity," she said she believes the answer lies no further than Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. The fighting between Israel and Gaza has continued for over three weeks, despite a rising death toll and diplomatic efforts to arrange a ceasefire.

"I wish we could have Netanyahu as our president," Coulter said.

She compared the Hamas-built tunnels that Israel is intent on destroying to tunnels under the U.S.-Mexico border. "We are being invaded," she said. "And I wish people would talk about our border the way at least people like you and I talk about, the way we talk about Israel's border. We need a Netanyahu here."

"I mean, yes, sometimes Palestinian kids get killed," she continued. "That's because they are associated with a terrorist organization that is harming Israel. And Netanyahu doesn't care what the religious leaders say weeping about Palestinian children. He doesn't care what the U.N. says. He doesn't care what the media says. We are a country. We have borders. And Netanyahu enforces them. Why can't we do that in America?"

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