Ann Coulter: Chris Matthews Wants To Have Sex With Barack Obama (VIDEO)


Joy Behar interviewed Ann Coulter Thursday night on "Larry King Live" (Joy was subbing for Larry). In a wide-ranging discussion, that at times grew heated, Coulter spouted off on everything from the stimulus package, her recent appearance on "The View," her feelings on Rush Limbaugh as the voice of conservative America (hint: she likes it), and whether Americans hate her ("I'm very popular," Ann boasted, citing her seven New York Times bestsellers).

But the juiciest part of their 18 minutes together came when Joy and Ann talked about sex.

Joy read an excerpt from Ann's book which alleged that members of the media wanted to have sex with Barack Obama during the campaign.

"Did you want to have sex with George Bush? What are you talking about?" Joy asked. "Does Morley Safer want to have sex with Barack Obama?

"Probably! And I know Chris Matthews does," Ann responded.

Asked if she'd ever dated a liberal, Ann said, "I tried but I couldn't take the dinky little electric car."

When Joy followed-up, asking what sorts of men Ann likes, she said, "I like men, i.e. conservatives. I don't want them checking with the UN to get a resolution before making a move."

Watch (sex discussion starts around 7:30 in):

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