Ann Coulter Claims Delta Changed Her Seat For Political Reasons

Twitter-world responds.

Typically, people who have bad airline experiences blame bad corporate policies or badly trained employees

Ann Coulter, on the other hand, sees nefarious political conspiracies.

The conservative firebrand flamed Delta on Saturday after she was forced to change seats on one of the airline’s flights.  

Now, she claims a political motive was behind for the hassles she experienced when airline personnel made her switch from an aisle seat in a row with extra legroom to a window seat in the same row.

Her proof: A photo of a text conversation she claims to have received from a Delta flight attendant.

Coulter isn’t revealing the identity of the alleged flight attendant, but the message claims that someone at the flight desk noticed Coulter and “just wanted to be a jerk and make her life miserable.”

The anonymous message sender then claims that someone who’s part of a secret Facebook group of airline employees admitted to being a Delta employee who purposely targeted Coulter.

To be clear, the definition of “make [Coulter’s] life miserable” seems to be “switch her seat from an aisle seat in a row with extra legroom to a window seat in the same row.”

Delta apologized to Coulter on Sunday and offered to refund her the $30 she spent for the preferred seat.

They also chastised her for the rude comments she made on Twitter about her fellow passengers and Delta employees.

HuffPost reached out to Coulter to get more information on this text exchange, as well as Delta Airlines to get their take. Neither immediately responded.

But Twitter sure did. Some thought the screenshot of the text messages were faked.

One person pointed out how Coulter might make more realistic-looking text conversations in the future (you know, just in case).

Others were willing to consider the possibility Coulter was targeted, and pointed to similar examples.

A few supporters were ready to accept Coulter’s theory that she was the victim of a vast flight-wing conspiracy.

But the general reaction to Coulter’s tweet may be best summed up with this GIF:



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