Ann Coulter: Ezekiel Emanuel "On My Death List" (VIDEO)

Ann Coulter: Ezekiel Emanuel "On My Death List" (VIDEO)

On Sean Hannity's Fox News show Wednesday night, conservative commentator Ann Coulter said that Ezekiel Emanuel is on her "death list."

Emanuel, a medical ethicist and oncologist whose brother Rahm is the White House chief of staff, is also a senior adviser on health care to President Obama. After Hannity read a quote from Ezekiel and said it meant there would be euthanasia in the new health care bill, Coulter responded: "Totally ironically, Zeke Emanuel is on my death list. Hold the applause. I'm going to be on the death panel."

Emanuel has become a target of those who believe the unfounded, extremist myth that President Democrats support "death panels" for the elderly and disabled. They cite selective and misleading quotes from Emanuel's academic papers to suggest that he supports euthanasia. In fact, Emanuel has spent his medical career opposing euthanasia and working to increase the quality of care for dying patients.

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