Ann Coulter On Herman Cain: 'Our Blacks Are So Much Better Than Their Blacks' (VIDEO)

WATCH: Ann Coulter's Questionable Comment About African Americans

Ann Coulter continued the conservative criticism of Politico for its article on Herman Cain during an appearance on Monday's "Hannity."

Politico drew swift right-wing fire for its Sunday article on Cain, which alleged that two female employees had accused him of sexual harassment in the 1990s. (The article also initially drew a fair amount of criticism from some journalists, who said that Politico's piece was flimsy.)

Cain appeared on Greta Van Susteren's show Monday night to explain the allegations.

Coulter used the same line of thinking that Rush Limbaugh employed on his Monday show: that the article is part of a process to tear down a black Republican. "Liberals detest, detest, detest conservative blacks," she said. "...This is now the second time a conservative black has had outrageous and what appear to be false allegations leveled against him." (The first, in her view, was Clarence Thomas.)

Hannity said that, while he was not downplaying the seriousness of sexual harassment, he felt that everyday office banter was being misconstrued too often as inappropriate. "These people are humorless," he said.

Coulter brought things back to race, saying that some women had been quick to forgive Bill Clinton for his sexual transgressions, but were attacking Herman Cain. "If you are a conservative black, they will believe the most horrible sexualized fantasies of these uptight white feminists," she said.

Hannity wondered why liberals were, in his words, so "threatened" by Cain. Coulter was blunt in her response.

"Our blacks are so much better than their blacks," she said, speaking of Democrats. "To become a black Republican, you don't just roll into it. You're not going with the flow...and that's why we have very impressive blacks in the Republican party."

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