Ann Coulter Insults Me and Hundreds of Combat Veterans

On Hannity on April 30th, Ann Coulter criticized me for speaking out against torture, mocking my service and stated, "I did not know the Air Force had interrogators."

This is an insult to hundreds of Air Force combat veterans who were trained as interrogators by the U.S. Army as reported in an official release by the Air Force News Service in 2005.

In addition, one of the most experienced interrogators in the U.S. military with experience conducting interrogations dating back to Panama is Colonel Steve Kleinman, an Air Force Reservist.

It is one thing to disagree with my personal opinion about torture, but quite disrespectful to mock the service of hundreds of combat veterans from Iraq and Afghanistan based on their service in the Air Force. Ann, however, has never conducted an interrogation (or served in combat) so I fail to see why Sean Hannity invited her to comment as an expert on interrogations.

For the record, there were three Air Force interrogators who played a key role in the killing of Zarqawi, and all five Air Force interrogators in my group were awarded Bronze Star Medals for their achievements in Iraq. Yes, the Air Force has interrogators.

Crossposted from VetVoice.

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