Ann Coulter Watched A Moving Speech And Apparently Only Felt Hatred

This time, she's targeting the Democratic National Convention, "thick" accents and Muslims.

Notoriously controversial commentator Ann Coulter, a muse of presidential nominee Donald Trump, launched yet another inflammatory Twitter attack, this time on both Muslims and Indian American journalist Fareed Zakaria: 

The innate insolence in this tweet (which spells Zakaria’s name wrong, to boot) lies not only in Coulter’s offensive generalization of Khizr Khan, the Muslim American father of a war hero who was speaking at the time of her tweet, but in the general anti-Muslim rhetoric that Trump (and Coulter) stand for. 

Khan spoke of his late son, who died in an act of valor while fighting in Iraq, and all that he has sacrificed; Coulter responded to his words by calling out his wife, who “stood submissively in a hijab by husband’s side.”

Coulter also mocked Zakaria’s accent in a tweet earlier this month. Zakaria, a well-respected journalist, holds positions at The Washington Post, CNN and The Atlantic. 

Coulter’s anti-Muslim rhetoric has been present long before the Trump campaign; only a few days after the terrorist attack on Sept. 11, 2001, Coulter wrote an article that suggested America should respond to the Muslim hijackers by “[invading] their countries, [killing] their leaders, and [converting] them to Christianity.” In the years following, while Zakaria wrote a pivotal piece on 9/11, Coulter attacked 9/11 widows, writing that “I’ve never seen people enjoying their husbands’ deaths so much.”

Like Trump, Coulter hides behind the 140-character text box of Twitter, using the platform to prey on religions like Islam and Judaism alike.

She characteristically followed Tuesday night’s convention with a tasteless question: 



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