Ann Coulter, Laura Ingraham Clash Over Newt Gingrich (AUDIO)

Laura Ingraham hosted Ann Coulter on her radio show on Wednesday and asked the conservative author and pundit to weigh in on the GOP candidates.

Coulter had particularly strong sentiments about former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich. Ingraham said she thought Gingrich was "the only person who consistently gets crowds excited" besides Herman Cain, and that he was "desperately needed." Coulter firmly disagreed, saying that she did not consider him the "ideal candidate" for the Republican Party, and that he was a "big government conservative." She also criticized Gingrich for behaving like a "chubby boy who desperately wants to be liked."

Coulter was referring to Gingrich's decision to appear in a 2008 ad about "the urgency of global warming" with Nancy Pelosi. Gingrich has since said he should not have participated in the filming of the ad and regretted his decision.

Coulter likened Gingrich's behavior to that of John McCain, describing Gingrich as "McCain-like for sucking up to the left..."

She also said that there was "a fair amount of evidence" that the "Democrat machine" is behind Herman Cain's recent sexual harassment scandals.