Ann Coulter Lied

Two others at Coulter's lecture have confirmed that she was asked politely about voting in the wrong precinct, and that she less-than-politely denied it.
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Yeah, I know: Dog bites man. Sun rises in East. Bears....

This is an update to my post about the Palm Beach brouhaha over Ann Coulter's misrepresenting her voting address, then claiming (comments section) at one of her lectures that she doesn't live in Palm Beach.

OK, she was speaking at the University of Arkansas, and two other people at the lecture have confirmed that Ms. Coulter was asked politely about voting in the wrong precinct, and that her response was a less-than-polite denial that she lives in Palm Beach. But Palm Beach Post columnist Jose Lambiet, who started this ball rolling, emails me:

There is no doubt whatshowever that Ann Coulter lives in Palm Beach. The deed is in her name. Her neighbor is Bill Brooks, a town councilman in Palm Beach who knows her well and sees her across the fence sometimes daily. Her publicist last year confirmed that she was moving because of stalkers and, finally, her lawyer called me last year when I wrote the story about her moving to Palm Beach because she was unhappy we reported the name of the street she lives on. Never mind that it's two miles long and has at least 100 homes on it. And finally, a woman who looks just like Ann Coulter, whose name is Ann Coulter and who acted like Ann Coulter voted in Palm Beach last week.

So, her statement to your reader is absolutely a bold-faced lie.

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