Ann Coulter Sounds Off On Marcus Bachmann's Sexuality, Says He's Straight But Seems 'Kind Of Gay'

Another day, another controversial soundbite from Ann Coulter.

The right-wing pundit, who seems to stir up drama whenever she opens her mouth, will appear on an upcoming episode of LOGO's "A-List: Dallas" in a scene with cast member Taylor Garrett and GOProud leader Jimmy LaSalvia.

In a preview clip released earlier this week, Coulter tells Garrett and LaSalvia that she believes "liberal yuppies" will start aborting their unborn gay children once scientists discover a gene for homosexuality.

In a new clip, above, which debuted today, Coulter, who calls herself the "Judy Garland of the right wing," weighs in on the hotly debated topic of the sexuality of Marcus Bachmann, husband of presidential hopeful Michele Bachmann.

"I don't believe Michele Bachmann's husband is gay -- I don't think you'd [Michele Bachmann] run for president -- I think he's just effete," Coulter says laughing.

"If you can have gays who don't seem gay, why can't you have heterosexuals who kind of seem gay? She wouldn't run for president if her husband were gay!" she adds.

See some of Coulter's most controversial statements below:



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