Ann Coulter On 'Morning Joe': Bleeped Out, Calls Ted Kennedy 'Pestilence' (VIDEO)

WATCH: Ann Coulter Bleeped Out On 'Morning Joe'

Ann Coulter was bleeped out several times during a Tuesday appearance on "Morning Joe," after seeming to call John McCain a "douchebag."

Politico grabbed video showing Coulter, who is a supporter of Mitt Romney in the 2012 election, beginning to talk about consistency in politics. As she spoke, though, her sound was cut off for several seconds.

"I'd rather have [silence] McCain was consistent, he was [silence] we have Romney and Gingrich [silence]," she said, before realizing she had been bleeped and asking, "what did I say? Douchebag?"

"Just blur it all out," Joe Scarborough (who has had his own problems with language in the past) said.

"Well, they got the general drift," Coulter said.

She also had harsh words for Ted Kennedy. Speaking again about Romney's repeated policy shifts, she said, "I mean, you're flipping from positions you held when you came within five points of taking out that human pestilence. Come on, give the guy a break!"

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