Ann Coulter To Obama: 'Screw You' Over Gun Control Remarks (VIDEO)

Ann Coulter's Angry Rant About Obama

Ann Coulter got very heated discussing President Obama's speech about gun control on Tuesday, telling him "screw you" for what she said was demonizing legal gun owners.

Obama touted his gun policy proposals in Minnesota. Speaking on Tuesday's "Hannity," Coulter launched into a rant about his remarks and gun control.

"I really would like to correct the lies that are being repeated on the op-ed page of the New York Times, by the president himself," she began. Coulter made several arguments and became more agitated when she got to the subject of background checks, which she claimed would lead to "universal confiscation" and "extermination" of gun rights.

She continued even as Hannity attempted to interject, telling him, "Wait, that's an important point, which for some reason Wayne LaPierre is not making, so you're gonna have to hear it from me." Later, Hannity claimed that the gun control debate was diverting attention away from the economy.

"Not only that... it's not just that they're talking about it, it's that they must demonize people who are legal gun owners, and Obama, 'Oh look at him, he cares about the children.' Screw you, you're the one who won't do anything about the mentally ill."

She claimed that the rate of murders, mass shootings and people becoming homeless have all gone up in recent years. "Republicans want dirty air and water, and they want kids with autism and Down syndrome to fend for themselves," Hannity remarked sarcastically.

Coulter laughed. "This demonizing of opponents is a problem," she added.

PS: In case anyone thinks Coulter was referring to someone other than Obama ... she wasn't.

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