Ann Coulter: Occupy Wall Street Protesters Are Like Nazis (VIDEO)

Ann Coulter's Jaw-Dropping Occupy Wall Street Comments

Ann Coulter made some rather surprising analogies on Monday when she compared the Occupy Wall Street movement to Nazism and the French Revolution.

Coulter was speaking to Fox Business' Eric Bolling, who seemed to share her less-than-charitable views of the protests, which have gained widespread attention and sparked similar demonstrations in cities across the U.S.

Bolling first quoted the protesters' use of the phrases, "demolition of capitalism" and "if we can learn to share we can all live in prosperity," and asked Coulter for her reaction. Coulter responded quickly that these terms could have been said right "before the French Revolution, the Russian Revolution, and with only slight modification when the Nazis were coming to power...This is always the beginning of totalitarianism."

Coulter also stated that the Democratic Party loves "mob uprising" as it is their "path to power" and that Democrats "always assume that the mob leaders will remain mob leaders and not end up like Maximilien Robespierre, beheaded a couple years after the revolution began, that is often the way revolutions go."


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