Ann Coulter Is Against Weed Because A Pool Guy Didn't Clean Her Pool, Or Something

Ann Coulter railed wildly against the legalization of pot on Wednesday, saying that it would turn people into drugged zombies incapable of work—or something like that.

The conservative commentator sat down with Piers Morgan, and the two got in a heated debate over the implications of legalized pot.

"If it is made legal, vastly more people will take it and it will be a disaster for commerce," Coulter argued, adding, "Because potheads are incapable of following simple instructions and getting a job done."

When pressed by Morgan, Coulter gave the following example:

"When I moved to a new place in California and there was a pool, and the pool guy didn't, you know, I come back then it's four feet down it's covered with green mold. And I called him up, he was a pothead. 'I was there that day' so I took three pictures and henceforth that was my argument."

Coulter didn't elaborate on how she knew the guy was a pothead, or how using one experience to judge an entire piece of public policy made much sense, but she stuck to her guns.

A skeptical Morgan compared Coulter's definition of a "pothead" to being a heavy drinker or smoker.

"No, heavy smokers work all night and then die young saving the Social Security System money!" Coulter replied. "Potheads, I'm going to be paying for their food, housing, now for their health care apparently because they can't perform any useful jobs," she continued.