Ann Coulter To Sean Hannity: 'Unnamed Source' Says 'Obama Was Born In Kenya' (VIDEO)

Ann Coulter appeared on Sean Hannity's Fox News show Thursday night and attacked President Obama by railing against the recent controversy surrounding Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.).

Both Hannity and Coulter mocked Reid for telling reporters that he has an unnamed source who told him that Romney did not pay taxes for ten years. "I have an unnamed source that you didn't write your book, that you weren't born on the day you said," Hannity said to Coulter.

"I have an unnamed source in Kenya, who says that Obama was born in Kenya," Coulter said mockingly. The conservative author and staunch Romney supporter then said that the president's campaign wants Romney to release more tax records so that Obama can "win by default." She added, "This is how Obama wins elections. He takes out his opponent by going into secret sealed divorce files and medical records...His secret plan for winning this campaign is for the Romneys to divorce before the election."

Hannity said that Obama's focus on Romney's tax records were "all related to the fact that he can't run on his record."

Coulter agreed, saying Obama's campaign message was, "you can vote for the guy who put millions of people out of work, quadrupled the deficit, wrecked American health care. Or, you can vote for that really mean guy whose wife owns a horse." Hannity defended Ann Romney's horse, saying she got into horses because she has MS and many find them to be therapeutic.

Coulter later wondered why John Kerry's wife, Teresa Heinz Kerry, was not ordered to release her tax records when her husband ran for president in 2004. "John Kerry was a gigolo," Coulter said. "She was supporting [John Kerry]. Why didn't we get her ten years?"

(Video via Mediaite)



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