Ann Coulter And Jessica Corry Debate Casey Anthony, Single Moms, On Craig Silverman's KHOW

Colorado's KHOW radio host Craig Silverman hosted Ann Coulter and Jessica Corry yesterday on his show. Coulter recently penned 'Casey Anthony: Single Mom Of The Year' in which she draws a strong correlation between what she labels 'illegitimate' children of single mothers and the rise in crime rates. Corry, a prominent Colorado Libertarian activist, outspoken marijuana legalization proponent, and recently divorced mother, clearly took issue with this.

KHOW's audio replay has the entirety of the debate, but some of the better excerpts come at the end, where Coulter advocates for a 'white trash' tax. Coulter then explains that promoting single motherhood:

is the active social policy of liberals, it has been for 30 years ... [and it has overturned] a law of civilization for 10,000 years: a man gets rights to his children by being married to the mother, the mother gets rights to the bank account of the father by being married to him.

Corry fires back:

We cannot win the moral battles of this nation’s future unless we win back the support of women, and calling single mothers white trash, and comparing them to Casey Anthony who committed the most atrocious of acts (allegedly), is not going to win us any points with any group. It’s only going to lose supporters.

Listen to the debate (start at least half-way through.. it's lengthy) and let us know -- does Coulter say anything you agree with?