Ann Coulter Slams Michelle Obama In New Book


More details of Ann Coulter's next book, Guilty: Liberal "Victims" and Their Assault on America are out revealing how Coulter slams Michelle Obama for her style while applauding that of Cindy McCain.

The Daily News reports:

Coulter wrote, "Her obvious imitation of Jackie O's style - the flipped-under hair, the sleeveless A-line dresses, the short strands of fake pearls - would have been laughable if done by anyone other than a media-designated saint."

Coulter said Cindy McCain, the wife of vanquished GOP nominee John McCain, "dressed well without freakishly imitating famous First Ladies in history."

Coulter facetiously and snidely refers to Michelle Obama as a "saint" and "Mother Teresa" and suggests that her public service career "advanced in lockstep with the political advancement of her husband."

A previous excerpt from November revealed that Coulter refers to President-Elect Obama as "B. Hussein Obama" and mocks the media's love affair for him.

The book goes on sale Tuesday January 6.

No word if her jaw is still wired shut.

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