Ann Coulter Is Still Trying To Argue That Soccer Is Horrible

For someone who hates soccer, Ann Coulter is certainly spending a lot of time talking about it.

The conservative pundit appeared on "Hannity" Monday night to defend her recent anti-soccer column in which she trolled World Cup fans everywhere and bashed America's new soccer obsession as "a sign of moral decay." Coulter took aim at the many people who found her claims about soccer to be, well, completely wrong.

"My critics have apparently tried to persuade me that soccer is a macho game by throwing one week of hissy fits over my column," she said.

Of course she couldn't end the interview without taking a few more stabs at the sport she thinks is so horrible and ruining the country's identity.

"The Russia-Algeria game ended with an exhilarating 1-1 tie," Coulter said sarcastically. "It's a really thrilling game."

(h/t: Mediaite)