Ann Coulter, Van Jones Clash Over Health Care And Condoleezza Rice On ABC 'This Week' (VIDEO)

Ann Coulter clashed with fellow round table panelist and author Van Jones on a number of topics during ABC's "This Week."

Host George Stephanopoulos asked Coulter to weigh in on the oral arguments the Supreme Court heard against the individual insurance requirement at the center of President Obama's health care policy.

Coulter said that Congress was to blame for what she called the "country's free loader problem." Jones, who served in the Obama administration as an environmental adviser, disagreed. Coulter continued, "You can't boot strap your way into a commerce clause power by saying, 'well we're going to require every emergency room in the country to treat all comers including illegal aliens with the sniffles,' and then say and we're going to take care of paying for it from the federal government."

Jones interrupted Coulter and said, "It's an American value that we don't let people die." Coulter continued and steered the conversation to advocating for her candidate of choice, Mitt Romney. "You know who dealt with the free loader problem? My candidate for president, Mitt Romney," Coulter said. "A state can have an individual mandate. The question is does Congress have the constitutional authority to require some guy sitting at home minding his own business to purchase a product?"

Coulter and Jones also disagreed when the round table discussed possible running mates for Romney, should he win the Republican nominee. As the table discussed the usual suspects, including New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie and Wisconsin Rep. Paul Ryan, Jones brought up former Sec. of State, Condoleezza Rice.

"One thing I think is interesting is, if you want to do something shocking, you want the Tea Party base excited, nobody has talked about Condoleezza Rice. But think about this," he said. "She checks off a lot of boxes, as far as women, she's a person of color, if the optics matter. But she's actually tested. She is actually a national figure. She has foreign policy experience. She was secretary of state. And she's sitting there. Now people say, you know, you want to do something bold, put Condoleezza Rice on the ticket and watch the Obama campaign go crazy."

Coulter disagreed. "Not a chance," she said. "Too much like a Sarah Palin. It will not be a woman."

Watch the segment about health care in the clip above, and the segment about Rice below:



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