Ann Coulter: Todd Akin Is A 'Selfish Swine' (VIDEO)

WATCH: Ann Coulter Warns Republicans About Todd Akin

Ann Coulter ripped into Todd Akin on Wednesday night, blasting his decision to continue his campaign for Missouri's Senate seat and urging Republicans to stage a write-in campaign.

She is one of many conservatives who have called on Akin to drop out of the race. Akin provoked outrage when he made outrageous comments about rape over the weekend. On Wednesday, Sean Hannity said that Republicans want Akin to withdraw, and alleged that the Obama campaign was trying to falsely tie him to Mitt Romney.

Coulter agreed. "This is a problem," she declared, calling on voters to stage a write-in campaign of a popular Missouri Republican. "This selfish swine, Todd Akin, is going to hurt the Republican party. We're not only going to lose a guaranteed Republican pick-up seat... but it is going to bleed over into other races."

She lamented going from an "easy win to a loss," and said that Akin's remarks are the "first thing" that could actually be seen as part of a Republican war on women.

Coulter said that Akin was trying to show off medical knowledge when he made the comments. "What he cares about is his own ego," she remarked.

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