Of Course Ann Coulter Doesn't Think Trump's Proposed Ban On Muslim Immigration Goes Far Enough

But she called it the "best birthday gift" ever.

She's done it again.

Conservative pundit and author Ann Coulter has once again reaffirmed her xenophobia after posting a series of tweets praising Republican front-runner Donald Trump for calling for a "complete shutdown" on Muslim immigration.

While many were outraged by Trump's proposal, including some of his Republican rivals, Coulter didn't think it goes far enough.

Coulter tweeted that Trump's plan should be applied to all immigrants, not just those who practice Islam. "Add in every other kind of immigrant and it's perfect! #moritorium #AssimilateTheOnesWeHave," she tweeted.

Coulter, who has a habit of spewing anti-immigration rhetoric, has previously called children of immigrants “anchor babies” and supported the end of birthright citizenship. She has also said that Americans should fear "illegal immigrants" more than they fear ISIS.

With her birthday falling on Tuesday, Coulter added that Trump's dangerous rhetoric against Muslims was the "best birthday gift."

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