Ann Coulter: Trump Trying 'To Scam The Stupidest People In His Base'

"If he signs this bill, it's over," the right-wing commentator said about the president's national emergency declaration.

President Donald Trump’s former hardline supporter Ann Coulter is continuing to turn on him, slamming his national emergency declaration as a way to “scam the stupidest people in his base.”

Coulter, who some have speculated influenced Trump’s decision to stand firm in his demands for border wall funding last December as the federal government spiraled into a shutdown, has been visibly furious with the president ever since he backed down.

In two posts on Twitter Friday, the right-winger claimed Trump’s latest move was all for show:

Asked Friday about the power of conservative media over his decision-making, Trump claimed not to know Coulter, much to the surprise of many Twitter users who reacted in astonishment and amusement on the social media platform.

Aside from Coulter, a handful of Trump’s Fox News allies initially expressed frustration with the congressional deal on border security, which the president intends to sign.

On Monday night shortly after the agreement was announced, Sean Hannity trashed it as a “garbage compromise” and Laura Ingraham called it “pathetic.” Lou Dobbs echoed the disapproval, tweeting that it was “an insult to @POTUS and the American people.”

The proposal would give the president $1.375 billion for his border wall while slashing the number of Immigration and Customs Enforcement detention beds by roughly 17 percent. Trump plans to get hold of billions more in border funding with his national emergency.

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