Ann Coulter Fears She'll 'Die Alone' In Self-Pitying Tweet Against Child Tax Credit

"We singles live empty lives of quiet desperation and will die alone," she wrote.

When Ann Coulter lashed out on Twitter Friday against Sen. Marco Rubio’s (R-Fla.) attempt to increase the child tax credit in the Republican tax bill, she also opened a window into what appears to be a very lonely life.

The controversial conservative pundit basically suggested that making lives easier for families with children wasn’t fair to people without kids.

The tone was shockingly personal — even for someone who makes a living shocking people.

As you might expect, people were quick to pounce on Coulter’s gripe.

Some on the opposite side of the political spectrum tried to explain to Coulter that they feel the same ― except about entirely different issues.

Others thought Coulter’s complaint was actually a humble brag.

Others summed up their feelings with the magic of GIFs.

Coulter’s cry for help didn’t get much sympathy from fellow pundits either.

Yes, there was snark. Lots and lots of bitter snark. Some tried to look beyond Coulter’s words and offer genuine sympathy for a woman who may be truly having a bad moment.

HuffPost reached out to Coulter, but she did not immediately respond.



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