Ann Coulter To GOP: Focus On The White Vote, Not Minorities

Ann Coulter To GOP: Focus On The White Vote, Not Minorities

The Republican nominee for president needs to focus on attracting white voters and stop reaching out to minorities, conservative pundit Ann Coulter said Monday on “The O’Reilly Factor.”

While politicos say gaining the Latino vote will be crucial to winning the presidency in 2016, Coulter told host Bill O'Reilly that her advice to the Republican nominee is to not spend time attracting any minorities.

"The way Republicans win is by driving up the white vote," she told the Fox News host. "It is not by appealing to women or Hispanics or blacks. In fact, those groups are going to start fighting among one another ... How about, for once, appealing to your base? The Democrats obsess on 'How do we get gun rights voters to support us a tiny bit more? How do we get pro-lifers to support us? Let's get a slice of the evangelicals.'"

Pandering to special interests, she continued, is "a suicidal electoral strategy."

After reading out polling numbers indicating that a majority of Americans support amnesty for undocumented immigrants, even the far right-leaning O'Reilly questioned Coulter's assertion that the nominee should not appeal to Latino voters.

Those numbers, Coulter insisted, mean nothing.

"They're all lying," she said of the polls. "They are not meant to quantify opinion; they are meant to move [opinion.]"

It's the same, old song from Coulter who told O'Reilly on his show in October that the GOP needs to stop "sucking up" to Latinos because they will never be conservative voters.

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