Ann Coulter: Win Latino Vote By Rejecting Immigration Reform

Ann Coulter's Terrible Advice For Winning The Latino Vote

Coulter offered her bad advice during an appearance on Fox News personality Sean Hannity’s radio show, where she continued to rail against the possibility of a bipartisan immigration reform bill passing the U.S. Congress

“We can win Hispanics,” Coulter said. “We can’t win them if we keep bringing in the foreign ones.”

Coulter’s been on a Latino-bashing binge since Obama’s reelection in November, painting Hispanics and Latin American immigrants as dimwitted and welfare-dependent in a spate of error-laden columns and media appearances.

She generally counsels conservatives to abandon all attempts to win the Hispanic vote because she says Latinos do not share the GOP’s values.

It’s unclear why she thinks Latinos would vote conservative if the GOP voted against them on one of the community’s most emotional issues. Some 85 percent of Hispanics support granting a pathway to citizenship for the undocumented, according to a Fox News Latino poll published last year.

A poll released by Latino Decisions this month found that 45 percent of Hispanic voters would be more likely to vote Republican if the GOP takes a lead role in passing immigration reform, compared to only 8 percent who said they’d be less likely to vote Republican in that case.

Coulter went on to assail the conventional wisdom that Latinos are gaining influence in politics on Tuesday’s radio appearance.

“Most groups declined in voting, including Hispanics,” Coulter said. “And in the end despite all of these Hispanic activist groups, La Raza and so on, telling us, ‘Oh, huge demographic explosion.’”

Listen to Coulter’s comments above and see 7 wrong things she’s been saying about Hispanics in the slideshow below.

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