It's About Time Someone On TV News Covered Climate Change Like This

MEET THE PRESS -- Pictured: (l-r)   Ann Curry, National and International Correspondent/Anchor, NBC News, appears on 'Meet th
MEET THE PRESS -- Pictured: (l-r) Ann Curry, National and International Correspondent/Anchor, NBC News, appears on 'Meet the Press' in Washington, D.C., Sunday, Sept. 1, 2013. (Photo by: William B. Plowman/NBC/NBC NewsWire via Getty Images)

Geez, TV news-- it's about time!

In a one-hour documentary on Sunday, Ann Curry will be reporting on an angle of climate change that is scarcely found on TV news: that "there is virtually no debate among climate scientists"--climate change is real and "largely caused by human activity." Curry will travel to areas high and low in the world, from the Arctic to the Florida seas, and speak to eyewitnesses of the devastating consequences of climate change, NBC News announced Thursday.

In a year that has seen a controversially low number of climate change reports from TV news networks, Curry's report is among the few this year to draw a direct connection to human influence. Huge climate change reports and potentially catastrophic findings have been largely ignored by networks like CNN, Fox News and MSNBC. NBC News, however, was among one of the only networks this week to give significant attention to a UN report released Monday on how climate change is dramatically impacting the planet.

Still, the Sunday shows and nightly news dedicated a total of just 27 minutes, and one hour and 42 minutes to climate change, respectively, in all of 2013. Another study showed that only about 4 percent of the majority of segments on CBS Evening News, NBC Nightly News and ABC World News even mentioned the words "climate change," "global warming" or "greenhouse gases."

Which is exactly why Curry's project is so important.

"If climate scientists are right, we could face a humanitarian crisis of epic proportions," Curry said. "We owe it to our children to put politics aside, and weigh the latest scientific evidence for ourselves."

The documentary, “Ann Curry Reports: Our Year of Extremes - Did Climate Change just Hit Home?," will air Sunday at 7 PM and across NBC News platforms including "Meet the Press," “TODAY” and “Nightly News."

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