Ann Curry Covers London Olympics For 'Today,' Sits Down With Matt Lauer (VIDEO

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Ann Curry appeared on "Today" to report on the Olympics from London on Thursday.

Curry interviewed sports photographer Adam Pretty on his experience capturing athletes on film. The segment was her first appearance back on "Today" during the week, and also included her first on-screen interaction with Matt Lauer since her departure from the show. At the end of the report, Lauer asked if she picked up any tips from the interview and she said that she learned about layering backgrounds in photographs.

"Thanks so much," Lauer said. "Pretty cool. Ann, good to see you."

There was much talk about the anchor-at-large covering the Olympics for "Today," but her return on the 14th day of the games came later than expected.

She was ousted as co-host of "Today" at the end of June. A week after news of her firing broke, she bid viewers a teary and emotional farewell. At the time, Lauer had said that the team would see her at the Olympics.

Curry returned to airwaves for the first time after leaving "Today" to cover the Aurora shooting in July. She anchored a special edition of "Dateline," and reported for "Today" and "NBC Nightly News."

CORRECTION: Curry will not be covering the closing ceremony as originally stated in this article.



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