Ann Mara Interrupts Terry Bradshaw During Giants Locker Room Celebration (VIDEO)

Have you always wanted to call out a sportscaster for apparent bias against your favorite team? Do you love the part in family comedies when the sassy grandmother gets real on someone and tells them how it is?

Well, then we've got just the video for you.

Following the Giants NFC Championship victory, former Steelers star and current FOX analyst Terry Bradshaw was in New York's locker room interviewing various members of the team when he got an unexpected visitor: Ann Mara, the wife of late Giants owner Wellington Mara... and she wasn't happy.

Apparently, Mara had been watching as Bradshaw had consistently picked against the Giants. She saw to it that he would eat crow live on air for doubting her team. While Bradshaw was interviewing wide receiver Victor Cruz, Mara walked up to him and began pointing and loudly exclaiming her disappointment. But it was clear the ribbing was in good nature, as she could be seen smiling as she walked away. Bradshaw, clearly a little shaken, managed to collect himself and finish the interview.


No word on whether the stern talk will influence Bradshaw's Super Bowl pick, but here's to hoping that if he picks against the Giants and is wrong, FOX sends him into their locker room for postgame interviews once again.

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