Ann Minch To Chase Bank: "Are You Stupid?" (VIDEO)

Ann Minch To Chase Bank: "Are You Stupid?" (VIDEO)

Ann Minch has a question for Chase Bank after it raised the interest rate on her credit card to 21.24 percent.

"Are you stupid? Chase Bank, are you stupid?"

The 46-year-old Red Bluff, Calif. woman is offended that Chase would dare insult the leader of the YouTube-based "debtors' revolt" movement with such a big rate hike. The Huffington Post first reported on her battle with Bank of America, in which her public refusal to pay off a similar credit card debt resulted in a reduced interest rate. The victory spawned dozens of imitators, media attention, and even the admiration of personal finance guru Suze Orman.

In her latest video, Minch acts the savvy consumer and calls up Chase to reject the rate hike and close down the $3,554 account.

"Does my name sound familiar to you?" asked Minch. "Have you heard of the debtors' revolt?"

The call-taker had not.


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