Ann Patchett: 'Bookstores Aren't Dead '(VIDEO)

Some may say that the neighborhood bookstore is dead -- that books are dead -- but Ann Patchett, the award-winning author of "Bel Canto," has proven that that idea is nothing but fiction. After two bookstores in Nashville closed, Ann and co-owner Karen Hayes opened their own bookshop, called Parnassus.

"We knew that we didn't want to live in a city that didn't have a bookstore," Patchett says in this "Super Soul Sunday" clip. "...When there isn't a bookstore in your city, there's an incredible void, because what you realize is that the bookstore isn't just the place you come to buy books. It's a community center."

Watch the clip to see what else Ann has to say about the importance of the local bookstore, and to find out why she "can't imagine a world without reading, without books, and... without bookstores."

"Super Soul Sunday" airs Sunday mornings on OWN.