Ann Perry-Smith, Mom, Finds Stolen Roll Of Baby Photos On Facebook Years Later (VIDEO)

WATCH: Mom Makes Miraculous Discovery On Facebook

When Ann Perry-Smith's car was broken into nine years ago, she never thought she'd see the items that were stolen -- a diaper bag, cameras, and a roll of film with undeveloped photos of her new baby -- again. She certainly never could have imagined she would spot her very own family photos on Facebook. But, as UPI reports, that's exactly what happened, thanks to a woman named Helen Maslyk.

Earlier this month, Maslyk stopped on the side of a road near Victoria, British Columbia to deal with a tire issue. According to UPI, she saw a roll of film in a ditch and decided to get it developed, thinking she could post the images to Facebook and hopefully find their rightful owner.

It wasn't long before Ann Perry-Smith came across them on the social networking site. "My jaw just dropped. There's a picture of my husband, my baby -- who's only just weeks old at the time -- and my dog, laying on the bed together," Perry-Smith told CBC News.

Click through the gallery below to see the images found on Facebook and visit CBC News for the full story.

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