Ann Romney Bird Shirt: A Sign Of 'Wild And Crazy' Style To Come? (VIDEO)

WATCH: Ann Romney Impresses Us With Her 'Wild & Crazy' Bird Fashion

As a candidate for First Lady Of The United States, Ann Romney has it tough. The current FLOTUS, Michelle Obama, has sky-high approval ratings and a signature style -- prints, flats, brooches -- beloved by the fashion world.

Ann, we've argued, needs to up the glamour quotient and give us fashion fans a sense of her personal style. And today, she did just that.

So what does Ann Romney Style look like? What can we expect from this potential FLOTUS? Flashy bird shirts, apparently. Today Mitt and his wife appeared on CBS's "Early Show" to show Charlie Rose how "wild and crazy" Mittens really is. But what she succeeded in showing is how wild and crazy her style is with her bright Reed Krakoff Spring 2012 top. Seriously, it looks like there is an animal diving into her armpit. There is a face on her chest. A face!

The reported price tag on the top: $990.

Love it? Hate it? Either way, we're pretty excited -- if this is the kind of style we can expect from Ann over the next six months (as opposed to all those button-downs) then we're pretty thrilled.


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