Ann Romney Hair Cut: Was Mitt's Wife Trying To Look More First Lady-Like? (PHOTOS)

See the haircut that's become a rite of passage for presidential wives.

As the first of the presidential debates came to a close last night, both the Obama and Romney families rushed the stage to greet their respective patriarchs. Naturally, we zeroed in on the wardrobe choices of First Lady Michelle Obama and Ann Romney. Most noticeable, however, was Mrs. Romney's shorter hair. Was she trying to look more first lady-like?

Michelle Obama, usually a shapeshifter on the hair front (she's worn bouffant-y half-up, half-down styles, swooping side bangs and pulled-back ballerina buns), looked reserved with a curled-under bob last night at the debate. And now it seems Ann Romney is jumping on board with the style. Perhaps in an attempt to appear as First Lady-like as possible, her new shorter hair might have been more politically strategic than it first seemed.

How do you guys feel about Ann's haircut? Take a look at her new style, as well as other prime First Lady hair examples through the years.

First Lady Hair

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Cropped haircuts have become a rite of passage for presidential wives.