Ann Romney's Horse A Factor In Mitt Romney's VP Selection Process?

Is Ann Romney's Horse A Factor In Timing Of Mitt Romney's VP Pick?

When Mitt Romney returns from his week-long trip to Europe this week, the media's obsessive coverage over who the Republican will pick as his running mate will kick into overdrive.

One clue to consider as the press seeks to figure out not just who he'll choose, but when he'll announce it, is Ann Romney's schedule.

Ann Romney is reported to be attending Olympic events in London on Thursday and Friday of this week. She's there to watch equestrian events, known as dressage, in which a horse that she partially owns is competing.

There has been some speculation that Romney could name his veep as early as Friday of this week, to drive the news cycle for as long as possible in the run up to the GOP convention starting Aug. 27, and to help with fundraising.

But it seems unlikely that Romney would announce his running mate without Ann present. Campaigns, on announcement day, like to have pictures of their candidate and his or her spouse with the running mate and his or her spouse.

Ann's horse, Rafalca, is competing on Aug. 2 and Aug. 3. If the horse advances in the competition, it could ride again next week on Tuesday, and then again Thursday.

Then again, even if Ann Romney were going to be in the U.S. at the end of this week, the fact that Friday's July jobs report is expected to bring more dismal economic news is another reason for the Romney campaign not to announce their pick.

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