Ann Romney Joins Pinterest, Shares Family Photos

Ann Romney Joins Pinterest, Shares Family Photos

Ann Romney, wife of former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney, is the latest public figure to join the internet phenomenon that is Pinterest.

The subscription-based website offers members the opportunity to "pin" their favorite fashions, recipes, DIY projects and dream homes to "boards" they create for free.

Romney started putting up pins Monday afternoon and already has more than 1100 followers. Her pin boards offer followers candid shots of her family, a recommended reading list and a patriotic board devoted to all things red, white and blue.

Romney is not the first member of her family to make the jump into blogging and social media. BuzzFeed reports daughter-in-law Mary Romney runs a successful mommy blog, and son Craig Romney blogged his way across the United States in 2009.

-- Anna Staver

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